Sunday, July 21, 2013

I suppose you don't eat fruits . . .

for breakfast much because they might be costly in your local grocery especially a place like Walmarts or Giant Eagle should be catering to those that have no job, a low-paying job or just barely enough with two job holding parents but seven children ! But honestly all statistics kidding aside, fruit should be made less expensive to purchase and in more abundance during the seasons for which certain types are known for.

Right now in the near end of July seasonal fruits like melons such as water the reddish pink flesh with black seeds, cantaloupe that is firm orange-cream colored flesh with a wrinkly tannish outer rind, bananas, apples, and dark sweet berries like blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry. All of those tend to provide the optimum levels of antioxidants we need to face the harsh challenges of our environment and the outside air we breathe.

Grains and proteins from the animal sources is not really your best friend especially as your first meal of the day; in fact a 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil should be ingested before any food or coffee (should the latter be a habit restrict it to 2 cups a day), is so that you can prepare for proper fat metabolization. I read that also ingesting much of your protein content before 3 pm is highly encouraged for those prone to be sedentary and not moving around at all after the heavy lunch and martini they drank at that business lunch around noon . . .

During the day after eating more concentrated proteins from variety of plant and nut sources I also drink lemon or lime-infused reverse osmosis water. It seems to keep my acid-alkaline balance in check plus I don't gain weight from added sugar and chemicals found in soda or commercially-prepared fruit drinks. This concludes my dissertation on what I feel constitutes a healthy breakfast (or anytime of day) food because fruit is healthy no matter which way you slice and present it.

Thank you for reading, erica~ the enlightenment advisor