Saturday, March 23, 2013

Food Prices, Safety of it and the United States . . .

Look I am not completely against the country I was born in but lets face it, food and the price and safety of it SHOULD NOT be something I have to fight tooth and nail to get people in higher places to listen and do something positive about it. If the average American citizen born and raised in the good ole USA cannot even afford to buy the more healthy foods (those that lack dyes, chemicals and preservatives for freshness and longevity) so they would not have to visit their physician or pediatrician every three weeks, what should I do ? Sit back and keep letting it happen, whispering quietly among kinfolk who simply don't care or feel they have no energy to fight the big wigs?

Nope. I get loud, verbose and quick to point the finger at the company or slew of workers in a company that is responsible for tainting the food and being solely responsible for taking advantage of the average American.

This country is free but its a very costly freedom if you ask me especially when we have to pay three times as much for fresh grains, produce and meat . . . and then be very sick because those very things had hormones, chemical pesticides and un-natural additives the human body simply cannot metablize properly added unnecessarily to it. I went to college to learn and what I learned was you can't get change to happen if you just sit and talk about it, you must be the change you want to see, so get loud, make noise and fix things with action, YOUR ACTION !

Thank you for reading, listening and then standing up and making noise about what you think is WRONG with AMERICA ! (apparently voting either dem or rep is NOT ENOUGH when us little people tend not to count regardless of how much knowledge we posess as if we can be bamboozled into believing this country is the best, then lets make it so, but not at the expense of other citizens in other countries, ok ? . . .)

'till next time, the enlightenment advisor (erica/sojournseeker)

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