Monday, December 3, 2012

Almost ready for the Xmas ham ?

After indulging on rich fatty foods like stuffing with oysters, mashed potatoes with butter & gravy, turkey and its skin, and all the other rich desserts and fixings, I am NOT ready for a Xmas ham (I don't like smoked meat of any kind really) or any other poultry for at least another month !

However Xmas is not a month away but only less than three weeks away and I must get myself prepared. The foods I will want to indulge in should be healthy but delicious so in order to keep fat content down to a bare minimum, my family and I are using the heck out of our three crockpots ! The slow-cooking method is always the best for me as I cook enough in the catering business, why do a whole lot of cooking on the home-front, right ?

There are 1000's of excellent recipes for slow-cookers and with the plethora of ingredients you can put into the cooker, one can really enjoy a three course meal !

Whats your favorite holiday recipe that can be cooked in a slow-cooker ?

'till next time,
erica~ the enlightenment advisor

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