Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Desserts

What are you making this Holiday ?

I will be making the third batch of cookies this weekend since the last two were done when I was working at a catering gig AND mom was feeling like rumballindulgence might help her get her mind off being without dad, so that might get done as well. The weather has already presented us with difficulties in terms of getting out and about for a bunch of ingredients the pantry was stocked with.

I want some ideas for cakes instead of cookies, got any ? All I ask is that the recipes do not need bleached white refined sugar but can use raw fine granulated cane sugar and no artificial dyes or color additives.

Thanks . . . Happy Holidays

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Basics & some foodies . . . yummy !

Royal Dansk Luxury Chocolate WaferA cracker/cookie ;  Cookie additives ; Harvey

Nutcracker dance with me ; Cinnamon ; Arborio ; another Cookie additive ; Chili ;

a BitterSweet ; L'Chaim ; Greener 4 Christmas ; Rankin/Bass *BEST ; PoppyseedPotica

Drummer Boy ; a Mini ; Domino ; Polvo Para hornear ; Smoked ; Bonati ; Ginger ;

Perfect Gourmet ; Biscuits ; DiSaronna ; remove Negative energies ; Almonds 4 baking

Well those highlighted (click your mouse over each word to take you) words above should hold you over till about the 27th, enjoy your consumption !

'till next time, erica~ the enlightenment advisor, wishing you a Merry Christmas !

Monday, December 3, 2012

Almost ready for the Xmas ham ?

After indulging on rich fatty foods like stuffing with oysters, mashed potatoes with butter & gravy, turkey and its skin, and all the other rich desserts and fixings, I am NOT ready for a Xmas ham (I don't like smoked meat of any kind really) or any other poultry for at least another month !

However Xmas is not a month away but only less than three weeks away and I must get myself prepared. The foods I will want to indulge in should be healthy but delicious so in order to keep fat content down to a bare minimum, my family and I are using the heck out of our three crockpots ! The slow-cooking method is always the best for me as I cook enough in the catering business, why do a whole lot of cooking on the home-front, right ?

There are 1000's of excellent recipes for slow-cookers and with the plethora of ingredients you can put into the cooker, one can really enjoy a three course meal !

Whats your favorite holiday recipe that can be cooked in a slow-cooker ?

'till next time,
erica~ the enlightenment advisor