Monday, July 2, 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY & RAW-wing it before the 4th of July Cookouts

I figure if you are going to eat alot of barbecued goodies over this two day INDEPENDENCE DAY holiday coming up in the middle of the week, no less and go figure, you might want to start tonight with raw foods till the big day. 

So far since Saturday, I started earlier than you will, I have only had three cooked items of food and the rest was toasted (raisin bread with whole fruit jam), or embraced with milk (cereal), or intervened by a peeler (garlic had a thicker rind on it this time as did the avocadoes) and tossed into other vegetables. I did eat some smoked salmon locks and unsmoked raw delicious locks since I worked a gig today where this was served. I know when we have those steaks from WALMART locally purchased I want to be good and cleansed and ready for that digestive process, which on my slender frame is a doozie !

INDEPENDENCE DAY is about alot of really good food brought to one location, or several if you have friends in different areas or scattered families, but really good food is set out at these celebration get-together feasts. I am guessing there will be dozens of different of the most favorite food group--carbohydrate salads-- like potato, pasta and rice. Cold or hot most likely the former, you get your energy from eating these with luscious sauces or oils mixed in to season and perfectly flavor the starches used and abused in todays American diet. I am sure there will be an array of fresh fruits like blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes and strawberries. Eat tons of those they are VERY VERY good for the body.

There will be desserts ah so many tempting desserts, but don't worry drink the lemon water or lime water (reverse osmosis and filtered if you will please) with your appetizers and entree, and by the time dessert is served, you can indulge as you haven't overloaded the stomach with too much of any of the foodgroups, being able to enjoy many samples of various foods.

If wanting to lose real weight don't cook with the olive oil, drizzle it on the starch or vegetable or even game/meat/poultry on the grill products moments before serving as heating alters the beneficial properties of the waste-slimming elements, known as enzymes and vitamins.

Those starches don't have to be swimming in sauce either; in fact floating gently atop a reduction is the trick. But I'll have to get back to you on the proper way to make a sauce a reduction so you can enjoy but remain or get slimmer ...

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your backyard barbecues or park grilling experiences this INDEPENDENCE DAY holiday celebration falling in the middle of the week in July of 2012 !

'till next time,
erica~the enlightenment advisor