Sunday, June 17, 2012

So what was served this Fathers Day...

at your home, community center, country club or outdoor tent wherever you made dad all or at least some of his favorite appetizers, entrees, hot and cold salads, and delicious desserts ? I would like to know as maybe me and all the contributors would then get together and have an internet cookbook created ? Yes or no but still share the menu.

'till next time, erica~ the enlightenment advisor

Thursday, June 14, 2012

There are FAR TOO MANY children under the age of three suffering from some sort of neurological imbalance both chemically-induced and DNA-ordained. It is just like a regular human to not step up, educate ourselves from as many sources, complain to the correct department, boycott the purchase of product if we have to, demonstrating our ACTIVE not passive concern for those a**es who are more cost-efficient than health-conscious-- but many don't even raise a whimper.
These children are not the ones who should suffer the next generation of children born into a petroleum-based continuance for neurological distrubance may fester the very worst of illnesses, for what ? . . .

If we want to be healthier individuals, start the smallest child in your household with good foods and the rest will come running as she or he will be easy to get along with, proper weight-distributed, assembled in the appropriate mental-physical order and a role-model for exploration into the great unknown where foods make you the ALL you can be.

Thank you for reading, 'till next time this is erica~ the enlightenment advisor

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food Pricing & the American Diet: drive to end hunger dot org . . .

"6 million senior Americans are facing the threat of hunger" according to Rachel Ray (rather starvation and complete lack of nutritional value from what is available) but NOT because of low income . . . it is due to food prices are TOO HIGH everywhere. As far as the organization, it is built on compassion and offers hope with the good intention of feeding the hungry. I read the organization with regular advertising and promotion, does help 100's of senior Americans get some food. Rachel Ray seems to stands behind the program and concept with enthusiasm as you can catch the advertisement between late-night programming on channels like SoapNet, LMN and I think Hallmark.

No matter how positive the whole thing seems, wouldn't it just be more fair to just lower food prices ALL over the United States and make sure the quality is 9.o to 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 ? If the foodstuffs being accepted by the organisation are cheap canned goods with high sodium, or processed foods with harmful additives for color and taste and freshness enhancement, or even low grade dried goods equally synthesized with preservatives and high contents of sodium, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, Monosodium glutamate, added sulfites, and ???, why give it to a senior citizen whose body is already compromised ?

I know Rachel Ray and all the followers are meaning well in their donation drives, community fundraisers and care reach outs-- but the real problem is the FDA and our government who dictates how much or how little a product is supposed to be worth, charged, taxed, etc. After the manufactured item gets transported to 100's of storewide locations, that storeowner can make or break his own flow of business. In fact, once in the distributors & merchants hands, rules change, and what is a usual or customary rate is now tripled so an even larger profit may be gained from sellling it quickly. How are seniors besides anyone else on a low-income budget supposed to eat healthy daily or at least have a partially nutritious meal every week, if $100.oo buys under 15 items, mostly staples not meats or dairy (usually higher in stores)?

I figure if we point out to our local grocery store owners that what you wish to see is not happening so you will find a place that serves what you need, less expensively and your local grocer will begin fearing an overstock and no customer situation, in panic things can change. We need to eat healthy. We all don't make the same $$ as everyone else. We all should be given across the nation the healthy opportunity to purchase what we want and need with what we have, affordably.

For example: do not charge for naturally-rising breads and pastries made without synthesized partially hydrogenated oils, loads of fat even those lab-created trans fats, nearly $4.oo as loaves of bread serve several purposes for families of more than 3. Make the bread that is not full of preservatives and autolyzed yadda yadda, inexpensive like under $2.oo I really believe it is not that difficult to make a stand against the practices of your local grocery, as local attention begins to attract mass attention and soon ALL grocery chains and agricultural suppliers will be able to pay for what they sell and when they sell it, not have a guilty conscious to go home with. When the owner is faced with the over-stocked and no customers syndrome, we the people have done something right to promote real change, real quick.

The bottom line is you have to decide on a plan of action if in your local grocery store $200.oo cannot buy an entire month's worth of healthy non chemically added colors (dyes), high sodium and sugars, and not processed foods, then COMPLAIN !!! I mean it, this is not fair nor right even for the not working, but for the hard-working day in and day out, no matter what industry, a steak should not be $18.oo, a bag of chicken wings should not be $8.oo for less than 2lbs AND a cantaloupe, bag of cherries, satchel of nuts, or grapefruit even out of season should be no more than $1.oo - $2.oo !

'thank you for listening, reading and acting out your frustration regarding food pricing and the American diet.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

APPLES: Good for you but . . .

if you are prone to bronchial sensitivity, if a certain fungicide is used in commercial orchards, that apple you are about to eat could exacerbate a bronchial episode. This is an important issue on a very healthy food that if your wonderful government would stop coating it with a nasty synthetic fungicide so the consumer who wants the nutrients in it can get sick, is no laughing matter.

"An apple a day" is harder to come by if the enzymes cannot even be metabolized because what is outside affects the person about to ingest it. Who can you complain to and will you ? Are you concerned that a number of bronchitis outbreaks are due to environmental agents DOCUMENTED as having detrimental affects to particular body systems but used anyway ?

In my food research and what stuff affects me bad or good, I learned about different afflictions seemingly brought on by the alteration of natural food stuffs such as the fungicide control placed on commercial orchards. The disease is referred to as 'apple pickers disease', a real common affliction apple growers have to be weary of. Why ? Can't they just grow apples on trees and let mother nature and the bugs do their course ?

Nope, the government likes to think they are making the BEST decisions possible and obviously has the nations individual interest in mind. What do you think ?