Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food is a source of info, an avenue worth exploring

The avenue of food is one that most people take seriously due in part to the famous slogan, 'you are what you eat'. It is one I travel on with exuberance and caution due to a diet that manifested in a few health problems over the course of four decades. I am slender yet still rather healthy looking when I see myself in a mirror. Some males who prefer a larger more curvaceous woman might not appreciate the super-slimness, yet I take stock in what I am rather than what they want me to be.

I attribute most of my slimness to only eating when hungry, cutting out all refined processed foods specifically those loaded with msg (monosodium glutamate --bad reaction to this but thats a separate blog post) or white refined sugar. I also cut out heavy liquors and add a red wine usually a bottle lasting 3 months. Our family keeps the pantry stocked with legummes, nuts, and no hazardous chemical-added canned goods while the fridge is stocked (when affordable) with fresh veggies, a variety of cheeses, breads, no more lunchmeats, and fruit. You might find some dessert item home made or as close to healthy, store purchased.

Our food is what makes or breaks us during the time we are up and functioning with the rest of the chaos in the world. So it is important to travel the avenue with some sense behind what goes in the alimentary canal. My mother, bless her heart, is very ingredient-conscious now since I have been researching heavily the influences on our brain and overall development psychologically when looking at what we eat and how much is used or abused by the body system. The addition of hazardous artificial colorings or texturing improvements are DANGEROUS. Our food as well as our local grocery stores are being scrutinized more directly as we as consumers should not tolerate unsafe foodstuffs.

All in all one should factor in bloodtypes, bodytypes and ability to metabolize effectively so that what you eat that is safe, nutritious and delicious is right for you exclusively. No person is really exactly the same in value obtained from the food they eat although similars Like-minded individuals compatible with one another tend to navigate to a palatte of mutual yumminess !

Food is supposed to be nutritious and delicious--never say can't be both until you have experimented with different raw spices and fresh produce ! I get to assist in some of the menu preparing and when I do a fusion of exotic and simple combine and the bland becomes wonderful. If bitter sets you off with greens, add a little raw cane sugar or beet juice and WOW the veggies that Popeye ate besides spinach are to just fall over and beg for . . .

So travel with me through these blogposts of foodies on an avenue of exploration into why, when, where and what is it about the food we eat that makes us so unique !
sharing the light,
miss erica hidvegi,
the Enlightenment Advisor

Some good foodies 4 YOU !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

June 17th Father's DAY Gift Ideas

In Honor of Father's Day just 20+ days away . . .

and thank you for buying !