Sunday, July 21, 2013

I suppose you don't eat fruits . . .

for breakfast much because they might be costly in your local grocery especially a place like Walmarts or Giant Eagle should be catering to those that have no job, a low-paying job or just barely enough with two job holding parents but seven children ! But honestly all statistics kidding aside, fruit should be made less expensive to purchase and in more abundance during the seasons for which certain types are known for.

Right now in the near end of July seasonal fruits like melons such as water the reddish pink flesh with black seeds, cantaloupe that is firm orange-cream colored flesh with a wrinkly tannish outer rind, bananas, apples, and dark sweet berries like blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry. All of those tend to provide the optimum levels of antioxidants we need to face the harsh challenges of our environment and the outside air we breathe.

Grains and proteins from the animal sources is not really your best friend especially as your first meal of the day; in fact a 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil should be ingested before any food or coffee (should the latter be a habit restrict it to 2 cups a day), is so that you can prepare for proper fat metabolization. I read that also ingesting much of your protein content before 3 pm is highly encouraged for those prone to be sedentary and not moving around at all after the heavy lunch and martini they drank at that business lunch around noon . . .

During the day after eating more concentrated proteins from variety of plant and nut sources I also drink lemon or lime-infused reverse osmosis water. It seems to keep my acid-alkaline balance in check plus I don't gain weight from added sugar and chemicals found in soda or commercially-prepared fruit drinks. This concludes my dissertation on what I feel constitutes a healthy breakfast (or anytime of day) food because fruit is healthy no matter which way you slice and present it.

Thank you for reading, erica~ the enlightenment advisor

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Food Prices, Safety of it and the United States . . .

Look I am not completely against the country I was born in but lets face it, food and the price and safety of it SHOULD NOT be something I have to fight tooth and nail to get people in higher places to listen and do something positive about it. If the average American citizen born and raised in the good ole USA cannot even afford to buy the more healthy foods (those that lack dyes, chemicals and preservatives for freshness and longevity) so they would not have to visit their physician or pediatrician every three weeks, what should I do ? Sit back and keep letting it happen, whispering quietly among kinfolk who simply don't care or feel they have no energy to fight the big wigs?

Nope. I get loud, verbose and quick to point the finger at the company or slew of workers in a company that is responsible for tainting the food and being solely responsible for taking advantage of the average American.

This country is free but its a very costly freedom if you ask me especially when we have to pay three times as much for fresh grains, produce and meat . . . and then be very sick because those very things had hormones, chemical pesticides and un-natural additives the human body simply cannot metablize properly added unnecessarily to it. I went to college to learn and what I learned was you can't get change to happen if you just sit and talk about it, you must be the change you want to see, so get loud, make noise and fix things with action, YOUR ACTION !

Thank you for reading, listening and then standing up and making noise about what you think is WRONG with AMERICA ! (apparently voting either dem or rep is NOT ENOUGH when us little people tend not to count regardless of how much knowledge we posess as if we can be bamboozled into believing this country is the best, then lets make it so, but not at the expense of other citizens in other countries, ok ? . . .)

'till next time, the enlightenment advisor (erica/sojournseeker)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lots of new foods will . . .

be introduced as cook books donned the base of the christmas tree this year. Funny, I don't often use recipes to make my delicious foods BUT apparently I am running out of ideas so the household gave me a little help. What foods WON'T you be eating in this new year ? and which ones will be enhanced ?

sharing the light,
erica~ the enlighenment advisor

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Dihydroxyphenyl Isatin ?

This is the natural chemical inside of a prune which promotes comfortable, easier to pass and having a laxative effect on the lower digestive system in which exit of waste in semi-solid form, is made possible.

The actual fruit is just a dried (hopefully by the sun and NOT by some electrical process) plum that is now wrinkled, smaller but packed full without compromise, the antioxidants and fiber this wonderful addition your body will thank you for. If you cannot buy plums from a whole foods store and dry them yourself, you can rely on some companies that distribute the finest dried fruits available for snacking and keeping up with nutritional requirements when time is scarce and having a full-blown meal is not feasible, a couple of these and your nutritionally more advantaged than you were ten minutes ago.

"Just remember 5 prunes has 100 calories of which 0 are fat. There is no cholesterol in these little suckers but there is 5mg of sodium and 290mg of Potassium, which for some is very good while others need to be careful of their levels on this mineral."

I suggest holistic remedies over anything synthetic because when a product for any condition is 'created' in a lab with or without the inclusion of alot of natural substances too, it is the lab-created ones from various sources non-natural that through partially-hydrogenating to irradiating, the chemicals are predominantly toxic. In addition to lethal issues, a compound created in a lab is not usually tested on any animals anymore cause it is against so many darn laws; therefore if any toxicity issues should arise' that if a human body can actually metabolize normally half of the crap our OTC and many prescribed preparations for ailments contain, the results are not recorded let alone tested thoroughly, and the public is left to fend for themself with bitter consequences.

But a prune is just a dried plum . . . and because it can actually assist in the elimination process many seek a digestive doctor for, the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that can bind or harden excrement by being such a fiber and potassium-rich food, all the patients of current gastroenterologists start eating these regularly, the gastroenterologists will start loosing patients not to morgues but vacation spots where bathrooms are NOT the main concern . . .

Why and how you ask ? because these people have normalized their digestive system by encouraging better use of the lower intestine, colon and rectal region of the human body delivering a fruit from a vine, tree or bush our ancestors have been eating for centuries, to cure not mask digestive upset. At the same time, they are packing nutrition by the mouthful and it requires no cooking, slicing, preparing, just pop in mouth and enjoy !

Ahhhh relief thats good for you . . .
'till next time, erica aka "sojournseeker" ~the enlightenment advisor

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Desserts

What are you making this Holiday ?

I will be making the third batch of cookies this weekend since the last two were done when I was working at a catering gig AND mom was feeling like rumballindulgence might help her get her mind off being without dad, so that might get done as well. The weather has already presented us with difficulties in terms of getting out and about for a bunch of ingredients the pantry was stocked with.

I want some ideas for cakes instead of cookies, got any ? All I ask is that the recipes do not need bleached white refined sugar but can use raw fine granulated cane sugar and no artificial dyes or color additives.

Thanks . . . Happy Holidays

Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Basics & some foodies . . . yummy !

Royal Dansk Luxury Chocolate WaferA cracker/cookie ;  Cookie additives ; Harvey

Nutcracker dance with me ; Cinnamon ; Arborio ; another Cookie additive ; Chili ;

a BitterSweet ; L'Chaim ; Greener 4 Christmas ; Rankin/Bass *BEST ; PoppyseedPotica

Drummer Boy ; a Mini ; Domino ; Polvo Para hornear ; Smoked ; Bonati ; Ginger ;

Perfect Gourmet ; Biscuits ; DiSaronna ; remove Negative energies ; Almonds 4 baking

Well those highlighted (click your mouse over each word to take you) words above should hold you over till about the 27th, enjoy your consumption !

'till next time, erica~ the enlightenment advisor, wishing you a Merry Christmas !

Monday, December 3, 2012

Almost ready for the Xmas ham ?

After indulging on rich fatty foods like stuffing with oysters, mashed potatoes with butter & gravy, turkey and its skin, and all the other rich desserts and fixings, I am NOT ready for a Xmas ham (I don't like smoked meat of any kind really) or any other poultry for at least another month !

However Xmas is not a month away but only less than three weeks away and I must get myself prepared. The foods I will want to indulge in should be healthy but delicious so in order to keep fat content down to a bare minimum, my family and I are using the heck out of our three crockpots ! The slow-cooking method is always the best for me as I cook enough in the catering business, why do a whole lot of cooking on the home-front, right ?

There are 1000's of excellent recipes for slow-cookers and with the plethora of ingredients you can put into the cooker, one can really enjoy a three course meal !

Whats your favorite holiday recipe that can be cooked in a slow-cooker ?

'till next time,
erica~ the enlightenment advisor